What inspired Brown Crayon Advocacy?

A brief history

Before she was Isabel Brown, she was Isabel Raisbeck. Although she had nearly perfect grades in school, Isabel always struggled. She was in trouble on a regular basis and she was always fighting. She felt misunderstood as she was seen as disrespectful and stubborn by many of her teachers and administrators. She never felt like she truly belonged. During her freshman year of high school, Isabel was given ISS (In-School Suspension) for her repeated attitude and defiance.

After spending a few hours in ISS, she was already inspired. The ISS teacher had motivated her and instilled a sense of belonging in her. He spent every second of ISS being brutally honest with the students and encouraging the students to take control of their futures. He was dedicated to making sure that they did not return to ISS and after Isabel heard him speak, she aspired to be just as motivational one day. In order to do this, Isabel Brown decided to become an educator as well.

Isabel wanted to make students like her feel heard and valued. After teaching a few years, she realized the numerous issues that teachers are juggling. Faced with new challenges, Isabel did not just want to teach, but she also wanted to encourage, inspire, and motivate other teachers through education and advocacy. Although Brown Crayon Advocacy, LLC was created for students and parents, Isabel also wanted to help teachers to feel respected and appreciated.

Isabel was always a fighter, but now she is putting her talents to good use as she fights for those that are overlooked and don't feel like they belong. Isabel is currently writing a children's book to encourage self-advocacy and socio-emotional learning for elementary (and all) students. In addition, Isabel is writing her memoir to share a more detailed journey of how she got here!

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