For students, what age groups can you serve?

We can advocate, counsel, and tutor all ages. We have worked with elementary, middle, and high school students. Additionally, we have continued mentoring students as they attend college.

If you cannot advocate for me, what can you do?

After analyzing the information given in past consultations, we have been able to advocate for 90% of our clients, including teachers, students, or parents.

If we are unable to help you with our services, we can provide you with useful resources through our partnerships and/or refer you to providers that can better serve you.

Can anyone be an advocate?

Yes! Through our confidence-building exercises, we can teach anyone to be an advocate. Whether it's advocating for others or self-advocating, we will make sure you no longer need our services! We recommend our children's book to help teach advocacy and socio-emotional learning for elementary students (it can be helpful to all ages).

What kind of tutoring and alternative counseling can you offer?

One of the biggest hinderance to learning is when students feel stressed and/or alone. Our alternative counseling includes tutoring with confidence and motivation training. Students can work on eliminating stress and improving their mental and emotional state, all while working through the subject matter with tutors that are educated in the field. This provides students with the safe space they need to learn while building the confidence they need to succeed.

How are you legally able to contact schools about students?

Once a parent hires us, we come up with an advocacy plan of action. Once it is finalized, parents sign a disclaimer statement with us. In addition, parents will sign a disclosure statement that is provided to the school. This protects schools from FERPA and PPRA when disclosing confidential student material to us.