“Deep inside, we are all artists who can't find the crayons that were given to us in playschool.” 

― Neeraj Agnihotri

Brown Crayon Advocacy, LLC

Mission Statement 

Brown Crayon Advocates have experience inside of school classrooms. With this knowledge, we are dedicated to serving students, parents, and teachers who feel out of control in the educational setting and do not know what to do next. Through motivation and counseling, Brown Crayon works with students to ensure that they are successful in the classroom. With clear communication, Brown Crayon works with parents to provide them with insight on what is going on in the classroom. During the school year, Brown Crayon works with teachers to give them back control of the classroom. We are here to replace lost crayons by coloring excitement, confidence, and joy back into education through advocacy... and we are not afraid to get our cray-on!

About our Founder

Isabel (Raisbeck-)Brown attended the College of Charleston for her undergraduate degree with a Teaching Fellows Scholarship. She double-majored in Secondary Education (9-12) and Sociology with a certification in Social Studies Education. She graduated with Honors and began teaching high school Social Studies (primarily Human Geography and Sociology) in 2015. 

After teaching for a few years, Isabel returned to the College of Charleston and earned her Master's of Education in Teaching, Learning, and Advocacy with an additional concentration on diverse learners. In 2020, she graduated with Honors and with the Distinguished Student Award for her cohort.  

Isabel is a teacher, coach, wife, mother, and Christian. She loves teaching and hopes to instill a love of learning in everyone she meets. Aside from being a better wife and mother, her main goals are to expand Brown Crayon Advocacy, LLC, publish her research, and bring awareness to advocacy, all while pursuing Jesus.

Services Offered



K-12 Diverse Learners:

Inequality or Discrimination affecting the place of learning and/or the place of employment 


"I was helped with my math homework and it was easy with help." - Joseph S., 6th Grade Student

"I did not know how to talk to the teacher and I felt ignored but once Brown Crayon stepped in, the teacher responded quickly and I saw a difference in my son's grades." - Gladys R., Parent

"A Brown Crayon advocate told me that what I was experiencing was not okay. She told me that she would defend me. This gave me the strength to stand up for myself and leave that school." -Mrs. Boston, Elementary Teacher

"My mom did not believe me that the teacher was not putting in my grades until Mrs. Brown called." -Jesus F., 11th Grade Student

"Brown Crayon encouraged me to advocate for myself and I was able to gain confidence when addressing my coworkers, administration, and school board." - Ms. Guerra, ELL Teacher

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